The Reggie Jackson Special @ Lois the Pie Queen, Emeryville

The Reggie Jackson Special @ Lois the Pie Queen, Emeryville.

The last time the San Francisco Giants had their backs against the wall, when they were down, 0-2, to the Cincinnati Reds last week, I mentioned the Outta Here Cheesesteak at AT&T Park. It was my last order of business for the 2012 baseball season, which seemed to be on the verge of ending for San Francisco. However, following that cheesesteak post, the Giants managed to win three games in a row, on the road no less, to topple the Reds. And so I considered that to be a sign. Not wanting to disturb the good vibes, I left that cheesesteak post up as long as possible. But its charm seems to have finally worn out; the Giants are once again in a dire situation, down 3-1 to the St. Louis Cardinals.

As a result, I’ve decided to […

The Fried Chicken & Waffles @ Lois the Pie Queen, Oakland

Chicken & Waffle @ Lois the Pie Queen, Oakland.

I’m set to revisit the Bay Area’s best chicken and waffle options, now that it’s been a couple years since I’ve hit up spots like Auntie April’s and Gussie’s. I’ve also never had the opportunity to snap a decent chicken-and-waffle photo at Lois the Pie Queen, which has been remiss on my part. So, first things first, the chicken and waffles at LPQ, pictured above. The chicken is nicely breaded and perfectly cooked through, while the waffle is in the style of Roscoe’s, wide and thin, with shallow pockets (I believe “pocket” is proper waffle terminology). You’ll notice that at Lois the Pie Queen, the chicken and waffle arrive on separate plates, which works well for those who don’t like their hot sauce to co-mingle with their syrup. But for me, I’m all for the melange of hot and [… read more …]

My Top 10 Chicken & Waffles in the Bay Area

Chicken & Waffle @ The Brown Sugar Kitchen, West Oakland.

Here’s 10 versions of chicken and waffles taken from around the California Bay Area. I’ve ranked them according to my own personal preferences, although the middle of the pack could easily be shuffled on any given day. I’m pretty adamant about the top two on this list, however, and have long championed the Brown Sugar Kitchen and the Boon Fly Cafe as my favorites in this category. The Boon Fly Cafe actually offers my favorite version of fried chicken in the Bay Area (Ad Hoc’s fried chicken included), although some of the other restaurants on this list are certainly close contenders. In the waffle category, it’s a bit of a different story; the Brown Sugar Kitchen is the hands-down winner, and every other restaurant is a distant second. Even going simply by the photos, you’ll notice [… read more …]